Flowscan error updating

-Older JKflow 1, 2 are available but not recommended anymore, because of missing features, confusing configuration, lack of speed etc... -Comparisons with different Flow Scan reporting modules. Stable jkflow-v3.5.2Version 3.5.1 (development, 11/11/2005): Added features: -DSCP values -Absolute values in JKGrapher -Defining custom tuples in scoreboarding -Added flow-tools 0.67 patch for gcc 3.4 -Added AS-support Fixes: -Division by Error bug -Numkeep incorrect implemented max number of tuples to keep -Correction in example Beta jkflow-v3.5.1Version 3.4 (stable, 7/01/2005): Added features: -Updating link to latest individual scoreboard -Aggregated scoreboarding, added element -Aggregated scoreboarding possible without individual flowfile scoreboarding -Added 'other' direction for services not reported by other directions. -Recommended upgrade from version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 jkflow-v3.2.2multiprocessor jkflow-v3.2.2tgz Version 03/11/2003: Added features: -Scoreboard host & port reporting -The xml element has 2 new attributes called "hosts" and "ports", -specifying with the value "1" enables the host and port reporting functionality -The host & port reports will be written in separate directories.

-the new SMP version are still a bit buggy, most synchonisation problems. jkflow2-v03112003Version 02/06/2003: Added features: -Improvement in localsubnets, less Net:: Patricia-match_integer calls.

Directions are defined as sections using source and destination subnets or sites, for specifying flows to monitor.

Inside each direction we define services, protocols, applications, tos, total traffic monitoring.

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Appications are groups of services, like web=http https and mail=pop imap smtp.

JKFlow defines these entities: Sites are defined as a part of the network using (no-)subnets.

This module can serve as a basis of your network monitoring/billing infrastructure. We have 3 offices connected with routers over the Internet.

Each site is defined using a subnet and contains 2 further subnets: subnet desktops and subnet servers.

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