Europe and dating kyiv

There has been some good cooperation in the area of cyber defense.

We also launched some very impressive projects in the area of medical rehabilitation and are now working together with our Ukrainian partners on psychological rehabilitation, which is a big issue. We have a team of nearly 50 people working here as advisors in various formats.

"Poroshenko has ignored all the demands of the people in terms of anticorruption [measures]," Leshchenko said.In that sense, the participation of military colleagues from both NATO allies and partner countries is a symbolic example of a strong partnership between NATO and Ukraine. During the previous administration of Barack Obama, the impression was given that Washington didn't want to provoke Russia by visiting Ukraine.Obama never visited Kyiv, his defense secretary never participated in the Independence Day parade.Ukraine has been participating in NATO's military exercises for the last few years, and many NATO countries have participated in exercises in Ukraine.For example, every year we have a naval exercise called "Sea Breeze." I wouldn't want to speculate on what the US administration is doing.

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