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Deleting a bookmark If you delete a design through windows explorer, you can remove its bookmark by right clicking on the bookmark and clicking 'Remove Bookmark...'.

Problems If when you click on a bookmark, the 'file area' goes grey and a message 'Error while updating filelist' appears in the message area, then it means that the folder the bookmark points to does not contain the SVN data files.

Unversioned -- This means that the file is not being saved in the central server, and no information about past versions of the file are being saved.

You may want to leave the file like this, as with 'file2bak' in the picture, if you dont want other people to get it, or if its not part of the design.

All the designs that have been downloaded are stored in the 'cosmos creator/collaborative_designs' directory.

Select the design that isnt being shown, and click 'OK'.

If you have a file that is marked as "added" and you want to send it to the server, see the section on 'Commiting files'.

If you do not want to add the file, see the section on 'Reverting files'.

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Clicking on a bookmark makes the 'file area' show all the files and directories in the design.added -- This means that you have marked the file for addition, but it has not been commited to the server yet.If you have an 'unversioned' file and want to add it to the server, see the section on 'Adding files'.conflict -- This means that two people have modified the file at the same time, as with 'file6.txt' in Figure.This may happen when you are getting new versions of a file, and Rapid SVN discovers that you and another person have both modified a file, and they have sent their modifications to the server already.

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