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Sophia is gifted in her teaching ability, is very professional and detail oriented, knows and understands dancing, and delivers quality results with the dance lessons. Sophia just has a way of breaking things down (no matter what your level) and making you feel comfortable during the dance lessons, when everything else is telling you to not be! Few things in life absolutely terrify me…and dancing used to be one of them…UNTIL I met Sophia and I am so grateful for the changes in my life just from the help of becoming a better dancer.Also, how the routine matched the music was incredible.We felt like performers in “dancing with the stars”.We signed up for 14 dance lessons with Sophia for our wedding 1st dance.Our 1st dance was definitely the highlight of the wedding and we’ve gotten tons of compliments from the guests. She was fun and patient and the dance lessons were paced just right for our skill level.

Don’t wait, if you’ve been thinking about being able to take it to the dance floor, call Sophia in Sapphire today, you’ll be glad you did!I never bought lessons in advance, so I never felt committed to taking lessons, but I kept coming back every week for 2 years — and I am taking my first break for the moment because I’m taking a sabbatical.I consider Sophia a friend, in addition to a truly unique and wonderful dance instructor. My first time in a real dance lesson and didn’t know what to expect… Had lots of fun learning from Sophia who is a wonderful and patient instructor.Her attention to detail such as facial expression and hand postures made the dance extra special and this was noticed by many of our guests.Many raved that it was the best 1st dance they’ve ever seen.

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