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He felt that the writing process was so unnervingly easy, it was as if it had “pre-existed” and gave him the chills when he first heard it played back.

Guitarist Jade Puget cites it as being one of the more “pop-sounding” songs on the record and Havok claims that it is one of his favorites.

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I'm not I heard you speak a name, one you can not relate to One who would die from shame aligned to you Kept from your filthy mouth That thing does not deserve to Be spared by those dirty lips you pass them through Oh my paper rose, strike a borrowed pose And they'll never know your frail truth Did you really mean it, did you really feel it That black heart attack, heart attack Never did you mean it, so I must believe it I'm not coming back, coming back."We don't do drugs," he says "and I think that's a really big thing in music.I think drugs can often destroy a band, and in some cases, they’ll lead to literally destroying the members of a band.Since the release of 1995’s debut album Answer That and Stay Fashionable, AFI has written and recorded five top ten hit singles, hit No.1 on The Billboard 200 (with the stunning Decemberunderground), garnered worldwide critical acclaim and amassed a fiercely loyal global following whose members number in the millions.

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