Dating violence uk

Violence in adolescent relationships is a growing concern for many.

Expert Mark Bowles examines the evidence, prevalence, and impact of this kind of violence on young people – and looks at what schools can do to play their part in tackling the problem Violence in romantic relationships has been long thought to be an adult issue.

Approximately 20 per cent of young women have experienced violence from a dating partner (10) and first episodes of violence frequently occur in adolescence (11).

The NSPCC has tried to bridge this gap in the UK evidence-base in part through its 2009 paper Partner Exploitation and Violence in Teenage Intimate Relationships (12).

Young people involved in dating violence are at higher risk of further violence in future relationships, riskier sexual behaviour (4) and increased rates of substance use and eating disorders (5).

Although a substantive body of UK evidence exists on adult women's, and to a lesser extent children's, experiences of domestic violence (1, 2), we know little about teenagers' own experiences of partner violence.

This multi-method study collected survey responses from 1,353 young people aged between 13 and 17 and conducted qualitative interviews with 62 girls and 29 boys.

It found that 18 per cent of boys and 25 per cent of girls reported some form of physical partner violence.

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‘Bringing the issue out in the open will help teenagers feel confident to challenge abusive behaviour when they experience it or see it’, she explained.However, this terminology does not transfer well to the UK context, as young people do not use or recognise this term.In addition, “dating" seems to imply a degree of formality which does not necessarily reflect the diverse range of young people's intimate encounters and relationships.Most of the empirical evidence on teenage partner violence is derived from US studies.These findings suggest that boys and girls use similar levels of physical and emotional violence towards their partners (6), resulting in propositions that teenage partner violence demonstrates a greater degree of gender symmetry compared to adult domestic violence where women are predominantly the victim.

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