Dating sites for cats

No, you can’t guarantee that what people write about themselves is all true, but neither is what people tell you in a pub or on the bus or in the office.They say there’s nowt so queer as folk (another old saying from my grandad, which, for the uninitiated, means you never really anything about people).They may be perfectly harmless but if you don’t drive I would say you should make your own way to the meeting place and politely decline a lift if they offer. It’s also useful to give them a name of who you are meeting, even if it’s just a first name.I always told a friend and felt more secure for doing it.My account is set so that only friends can see my profile information, my photo albums have various settings dependant upon content and my mobile number and other contact details are custom set for family and close friends.I always ignore friend requests unless I know who the person is and have ignored requests from people on dating sites as a matter of course until I felt it was appropriate, if at all, to communicate on Facebook to find out a bit more about eachother.I know some of this seems a little over the top but I’d bet my bottom dollar that, although most people using the sites are “normal” people just like you or I, a small percentage are proper dodgy, quite seriously odd individuals.The vast majority of messages I ever received were mostly harmless.

I’d be embarrassed about people knowing – Well I’m of the opinion, who cares if people know? Namely having had no luck to speak of by any other means.So I figure if the people I know are interested then maybe I could write about it here and offer whatever advice and/or observations I can that might hopefully help someone out there, anyone, to decide if it’s a road they want to take and tips on how to make it work, or maybe just work better……I’ve been there, used loads of different sites, changed my many profiles umpteen times, agonised over what pictures to use, what information to give and what to leave out, sifted through dodgy messages wondering “why me?Some of them were plain lovely, some were suggestive in various extremes, a few were abusive and there were a small selection that were genuinely worrying and it’s those few weirdos you’re trying to protect yourself against.Having tried Internet dating several years ago and again more recently it seems to be a topic that I often get asked about by people I know.

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