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''When future problems arise, instead of saying 'this can't be done,' we will be more likely to look for how it can be done.'' Late yesterday afternoon, 36 hours after their surgical ordeal came to an end, the babies, Patrick and Benjamin Binder, remained in critical but stable condition under constant monitoring by a team of nurses and physicians in the pediatric intensive care unit at Johns Hopkins Children's Center.

The surgical team was described by a hospital spokesperson as ''encouraged'' by the fact that the babies had come through the first of several critical postoperative days without any medical crisis.

Your doctor can measure how far apart your muscles are using finger widths, a measuring tape or instrument, or ultrasound.

Then she can see whether it's getting better or worse. If that rehab won’t work for you, maybe surgery will.

Then came months of preparation and lengthy dress rehearsals using dolls attached with Velcro at the back of their heads to assure that the most complicated operation ever performed at the hospital could be accomplished as smoothly and swiftly as possible.

Some trainers may suggest those exercises for women with abdominal separation, not knowing what could happen. Physical therapists don’t have one standard guideline on what moves will bring the belly muscles back into line.

You’re also more likely to get it if you’re over 35 when pregnant, or if you’re having a heavy baby or twins, triplets, or more.

Pregnancy puts so much pressure on the belly that sometimes the muscles in front can’t keep their shape. "Recti" refers to your ab muscles called the "rectus abdominis." When the ab muscles move aside like this, the uterus, bowels, and other organs have only a thin band of connective tissue in front to hold them in place.

In their comatose state, they are being maintained by a life support system that controls their blood flow and respiration.

The degree of brain swelling, described as severe but not surprising, is being monitored indirectly by measuring changes in heart rate and blood pressure and by periodic CT scans, which give a three-dimensional X-ray picture of the brain. Sunday, the extensive head wounds, which measured approximately 16 inches in circumference, continued to ooze blood, according to Dr.

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