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I personally always broke the rules here, as most schools don’t sanction such gifts.Nothing lavish is necessary, but thoughtful is good.Thus be sure that the preschool you choose has at least some history/success sending kids to the ongoing school you think you like.Beware the preschool full of ultra-rich, “connected” New Yorkers, as those folks have an automatic foot up in the Kindergarten admissions race simply because they know people who can influence folks with sway at these schools.What does going to private school in NYC mean for your child and your family?Primarily it means smaller class size than public, think less than 20 kids per class with 2 teachers, versus 25-30 for K in public school with 1 teacher.

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I don’t personally advocate professional help with this as I think most parents can do it themselves.

Your child’s teachers write the school report which is a key information piece for admissions committees.

Your Kid Separation: Make sure your child can separate with ease from you or your spouse.

This means volunteering, helping with the auction/fundraising, generally involved at the school so the PSD knows your kid and your family a little better than others.

If they want to send your kid to speech therapy, listen to them and follow their advice (if not their recommended specialist, I always recommend getting your own).

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