Dating paper documents

The task is daunting at the best of times but is totally achievable.

I have already filed form SS-4 for a federal EIN number, Employer Identification Number.

If however something goes wrong and we are rejected the company would owe taxes. Once the IRS confirms our exempt status the escrow account becomes savings that can be used as we see fit.

The fly in this particular ointment is totally out of our control.

I might be a little cynical here but I don’t really think so.

A huge issue is legal representation and advice regarding the articles and bylaws of the organization.

We need to file IRS form 1023 during the 27 month deadline from our original filing.

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The proposal is however a ‘split board’ with permanent members and rotating members elected from the membership and including the executive committee officers.A list of proposed committees will follow in the section that covers the phases Hawaii Big Oil will probably go through.Phases of Hawaii Big Oil are determined by the changes in the law regarding the legality of marijuana.This dilemma will be the responsibility of the IRS Compliance committee and the only recommendation is to file as quickly as the system allows: keeping in mind the 0.00 dollars the Cyber-Assistant might possibly save.If it is released it might not work very well or at all.

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