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She doesn’t formally date, so she never experiences the joys of traditional romance.While she technically enjoys having sex, Mary admits she’s angry and depressed.I counsel single men all the time who their date is promiscuous, rationalize her behavior, and still hope they’ll be able to change her. Understand that, in healthy relationships, non-stop sex only lasts for so long.(Actually, that’s beneficial; otherwise you’ll never achieve your life’s goals!She channels these emotions into her college courses and her career, and she blames her lack of time and finances for not seeking professional help.Still, Mary fantasizes about settling down and having kids in the she finds the right partner.So she fears the withdrawal of his support.” Further, Dr.

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Instead, they may self-medicate through hostility towards men.

Some experts suggest the condition be redefined as an “attachment” or “intimacy” disorder, because the women who suffer from it are simply desperate to feel wanted and yearn for a sense of attachment.

It’s a double-edged sword: sex addicts know their behavior is dangerous, yet their craving for attachment — disguised as a “feel-good” romp — overrides all caution. She is extremely bright and works in a highly competitive profession for which she is currently earning a second college degree. Then she was raped a second time, subsequently waking up almost dead in the ER.

For the same reasons that make treating an eating disorder more socially acceptable for women, sex addiction engenders a deep sense of shame — which gives way to the depression and anger Mary describes feeling constantly.

Yes, women are STILL taught to maintain an image of purity these days while men are admired for their sexual prowess.

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