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It's just like creating this world with all these different children.

The first Netflix original series entirely authored, produced and shot in Germany will arrive on Friday, December 1. Dark is billed as “a family saga with a supernatural twist”It is set in a small German present-day town where the disappearance of two young children exposes the double lives and fractured relationships among four families. That wonderful night when you forget about the daily grind, the minutiae of Mondays, and remind yourself what a privilege it is to be travelling through life with someone special at your side. Many first dates, for example, go no further than that. ” She then called me a horse pervert (it’s a very long story that involves an ill-advised purchase of some bed sheets covered with a pattern of galloping horses) and sent me a load of kissy emoticons. See I have this theory that all relationships have natural break points that slowly get spaced out further and further as time goes on. asked me if I was still happy, and I replied “Of course!So we'll likely be reunited with Jonas, Helge, Claudia, Ulrich, Bartosz, Father Noah, Martha and more who, like in the first season, will be played by different actors in the show's various timelines.Season one threw up so many unanswered questions that we could be here all day, but we'll give you a flavour anyway.

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