Dating dilemmas marla crowe

And so he finds himself, jarringly, intoxicatingly, back at his alma mater, where he begins to fall in love: with the old pleasures of perpetually youthful academia; and, maybe, with Zibby, a pretty…

From the muscular elegance of the Kenyon Athletic Center (KAC) to the disarming charm of the new north campus townhouses, a medley of buildings designed by the Gund Partnership has transformed the campus profile while bridging past to future.

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For those of you who don’t have the pleasure of living in the most desirable dorm on campus, a morning treat.

Jesse is thirty-five, newly single in New York, a book-lover suffering from existential drift, wondering whether there's more to adulthood than the laundromat and an uninspiring job.

Out of the blue, he gets a call from a former professor and mentor who is retiring and invites him to the farewell dinner.

So here’s the booty-cheddar: what makes Kenyon so great is not that there’s a bunch of “quirky” people running around, it’s that there’s a bunch of “quirky” people running around with a “you do you” attitude.

For example: Maybe certain quantities of PBR make you want to belt out God Bless America while…

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