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Freelance Translators If a male, will likely pursue your girl when you leave. Female and will give you feminine insight into the women´s cultural and behavioral differences.

Men who shortcut good communications in the ladies´ language invite unpleasant surprises in the future.

This service is for gentleman that want that special, yet by nature elusive woman.

Click Here for Details Click Here to Order This service is only for women that do not live in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Every additional connection with the Latin ladies will be per lady.

You would pay for the additional ladies prior to the release of the first email address.

You already paid for the first Latina and now pay for the four other Latinas and you receive their five names and emails.

You select another ten women and six of the women are interested in your profile.

However, this has never happened as you may continue to make selections until one does.Our rate for arranging the first Latina connection is , every other connection is only .You are only paying for the women that said, yes to your profile not for the women that said, no.You already paid for the first Latina and now owe for the remaining four.Once the is paid you will be given the names and emails of the five women. You selected one woman and she is not interested in your profile.

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