Dating a dumb guy best dating site for professionals

With one text message (or lack thereof) or odd question on a first date (um, what?

) – a seemingly great guy can go from blowing us away to…severely turning us away. I don’t like her.’ ‘Aren’t you going to put on makeup before we go? Giving One-Word Answers “I can’t stand when they message you on dating sites with ‘hi.’ What am I supposed to do with that?

Conversely, if you can bang someone with very little genetic similarity to you, you invite a whole ocean of new genetic benefits to confer on your offspring. But sexy usually wins even in this case; a smart female nerd, given the choice between an ugly, really smart guy or a sorta smart, sorta attractive guy will still opt for the sorta smart guy more often than not. Like most of us, she’s probably somewhere in between gorgeous and hideous. ” Meanwhile, men are more than happy to date short, jobless, trashy women.

This is why it’s fun to get laid in foreign countries with strangers. God knows I don’t need another set of opinions clogging up my already overloaded brain. Additionally, there are those lucky people out there who are both smart AND sexy, and if you find one of them, you don’t have to choose which genetic benefit you want because you’re getting both. When do you know when you’ve found the appropriate physical and intellectual match? And while this might come as troubling news, the brainiacs of the world can at least take solace in knowing they are not alone. If having a big brain was the aphrodisiac women claim it was, I’d spend less time writing this stupid nerd blog and more time boning Charlize Theron.

Bob had signature phrases: “That’s what’s up” and “That’s just how I roll.” “I’m an only child. He only kept enough food in the house for himself, he explained between bites. The TV was giant and obtrusive, but it looked inconspicuous next to his sound system.

After a few dates, he invited me over to his place. Since our last date, my text message inbox had amassed an alarming number of run-on sentences, an abysmal understanding of the difference between “you’re” and “your,” and a total disregard for basic spelling rules. He occupied the only seat in the vicinity of the kitchen, and with nowhere else to go besides the couch at the other end of the house, I stood awkwardly beside him, watching as he cut his steak into tiny choke-proof bits and dunked each piece into ketchup.

News flash, ladies: the physical superiority that made men hunters and women gatherers is now worthless.

On the drive over, I imagined being seduced next to a pan of sizzling stir-fry. There was steak — his — and one beer, which he offered to split with me.

I have a friend who is super smart, classy, and sophisticated. Long Answer: I’ve had three separate girl friends this week tell me a different version of this same story.

The primary purpose of a car is that it has an engine. She got dumped by one guy, just like she probably rejects 90% of guys who approach her in a bar or message her on e Harmony.

Once we know it can take us where we want to go, we can worry about vanity plates and shiny rims. In fact, women are ten times worse than men about discriminating based on looks.

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