Consolidating super funds australia

An SMSF was not something Samantha would have previously considered at her age.With greater flexibility and potential returns, Samantha was comfortable knowing that her finances were working for her.After meeting with both of them to discuss their goals and objectives, Jeffrey suggested combining their super into one SMSF.Samantha's husband had a greater appetite for risk.The Government’s superannuation reforms take effect on 1 July 2017.To help you make sense of the changes and plan for the future with confidence, read our guide to the major reforms and how they affect before and after-tax contributions.Greg helped them with a financial plan which is helping them to protect and grow their wealth, as they get closer to retirement.

She was earning a much higher income but did not have a plan to make the most of for her growing finances.

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Client scenario: Superannuation strategy for retirement Beth and Craig, both in their early 60s, were planning to retire before they turned 65.

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