Cochin dating girls

…the intense loneliness you feel in your heart when he has cast off.…despite the smell a submariner’s homecoming is one of the sweetest moments in a submariner’s wife’s life.…no SAT COM on which to talk to your husband every other day, unlike some other lucky wives …running the household like a hotel because your husband is only home for two day visits before another ‘patrol’. your week is measured in the length of the sailing period.…the days he is home are celebrated like it’s the weekend.

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It has to be smelled to be believed – a combination of sweat, grease, bilge, feet.

Fights are usually an expression of the sadness you are feeling that he is going away again and has nothing to do with what you are fighting about.

…changing out of your fancy ‘going out’ clothes because the crew and boat could not be secured on time.

…not hugging your husband when he comes home, no matter how long he’s been sailing because of the smell.

Only our dog can greet him with over the top enthusiasm.

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