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In the end, the missions had mixed results in their objectives: to convert, educate, and transform the natives into Spanish colonial citizens.In 1821, Mexico achieved independence from Spain, taking Alta California along with it, but the missions maintained authority over native neophytes and control of land holdings until the 1830s.It was a doctrine established in 1531, which based the Spanish state's right over the land and persons of the Indies on the Papal charge to evangelize them.It was employed wherever the indigenous populations were not already concentrated in native pueblos.

But, given the remote locations and the inherent difficulties in communicating with the territorial governments, power was transferred to the viceroys of New Spain to grant lands and establish missions in North America.Once the spot for the church had been selected, its position was marked and the remainder of the mission complex was laid out.The workshops, kitchens, living quarters, storerooms, and other ancillary chambers were usually grouped in the form of a quadrangle, inside which religious celebrations and other festive events often took place.The first priority when beginning a settlement was the location and construction of the church (iglesia).The majority of mission sanctuaries were oriented on a roughly east-west axis to take the best advantage of the sun's position for interior illumination; the exact alignment depended on the geographic features of the particular site.

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