Chlorine 36 dating and the blue stones of stonehenge

ie=UTF8&qid=1469092383&sr=8-7&keywords=jean reinhardt kindle books#nav-subnav This was the view from our hotel window when the sun came up.

I think this will be the final post for this grand adventures.

Repacked the suitcases in the morning and readying ourselves for the long flight home.

Had breakfast early and had a long chat with the waitress who was from Ireland.

We came to Scotland with a family agenda, trying to see the world that Robyn's Dad and Grandparents lived in.

The country and the people have been very kind to us. Have never made a trip like this before, not sure if we will make another one or if we will ever visit Scotland again.

Robynh doesn't want to look out the window when we leave and I think I understand why.

Apparently her mother is an author who writes novellas about her families Irish heritage, tracing their difficult path through the famine are interested you can get them on Amazon.

Her name is Jean Reinhardt and the most current book is " A Pocket Full of Shells".https://

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