Chatline with no cost

Radio Airplay injects songs from emerging artists into those playlists. Some of that money came out of my own pocket, but most of it was generated by affiliate links in my four articles on Jango.

The last one dates back to November of 2011, so we’re long overdue for an update!

My guess is that active listeners moved on to subscription services like Spotify, leaving a higher percentage of passive “lean-back” listeners. The way I see it, the value of the service is in the plays. My emphasis on plays is a break from the past, where I previously measured the success of my campaigns by the number of email addresses collected. Of the 1291 email addresses shared with me over the past 7 years, only 396 remain on my list.

To be fair, I recently purged my list of inactive emails, after sending out two warnings to confirm or be removed.

Chatline with no cost-12

As you can see, the percentage of new fans, comments, and shared email addresses dropped by roughly half.

Jango is a free internet radio platform similar to Pandora.

Feed it an artist name and it generates a playlist of related songs. Over the past seven years, my songs have racked up 340,246 plays at a cost of about two cents per play.

Personally, I don’t think it’s worth paying double for.

Most of my plays are in the US, which is good enough for me.

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