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Filter Add-On is active Tick the checkbox to activate your filter settings.

Uncheck to disable filtering for testing and other.

It automatically scans, detects and filters messages that contain swear or curse words. First, go to the management page of your Photon Chat application which is accessible from your dashboard. Agree to the Community Sift terms first to be enable the Chat Filter add-on setup.

Discard if unavailable Should the Community-Sift backends ever be not available ...You can then update it, deactivate it or remove it at any time from your dashboard. The following table shows data types supported by Photon Chat Filter and how each one is handled: Triggers are a very unique feature that allows you to decide when and how a player loses and gains trust.Photon Cloud has best-practices set up to match your selected policy preset.“Some lower-level offenders cannot be arrested and taken to court.There is just not the capacity,” he told the newspaper.

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