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With their enthusiasm and energy, they turned this into a worthy celebration!

Marion Lois Jones (born October 12, 1975), also known as Marion Jones-Thompson, is an American former world champion track and field athlete and a former professional basketball player for Tulsa Shock in the WNBA.

The crowd there in Hawaii loved the fact that I was able to come and party at this time with them and for it to be significant. Everyone around me was just partying, going crazy and there were girls kissing girls and guys kissing guys and all these things going on around me.

And I was keeping focused by not drinking or doing anything and making sure that people felt the music and my vibe and you can imagine, after I finished I had a lovely big sleep! I wanted to highlight the idea that a lineup was a lineup, and I want to get people to understand that there is a camaraderie between all of us as DJs.

I love meeting new people and embracing different things in my life and pushing forward.

Of course when I get to play and be the person that I am as a DJ, that’s who I really am. But obviously in our lives, you’ll never see me do that again.

People know that if I throw a party it doesn’t have to be for an hour and half, that it can be somewhere between four, six and eight hours.I’m there for the duration but now it’s coming to a point where I really want the time to get to do other things and this is an opportunity that I uphold now. ” You brought in the millennium twice by performing in Sydney and again in Hawaii after flying back over the International Date Line. You can imagine I’ve played a million parties, but one of the most significant events I've ever done was when I played in Sydney for the Millennium. But at this point, it was something that was just amazing because when I was at pavilion playing down at Bondi with good sound, perfect weather, right on the beach and the clock struck midnight and we welcomed the 21st century with everyone just going mad!Especially being at the age that I am I mean I don’t feel like I’m 54, I don’t feel the age. I couldn’t believe that we had made it to this point with the music, with what we were doing. It was being internet broadcasted to the rest of the world.I’ve been a Space advocate since day one and for it to now be the last season that I’m going to be doing and the last season any of us are going to see again is very, very sad. And things have changed a lot since Space started 27 years ago.All the flamboyancy, the gays, the straights, people coming together from all over the world and just to enjoy these moments at Space - it's changed.

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