Cancer woman dating cancer woman

From the start we had this crazy sexual chemistry that I have never ever experienced in my life.we've been dating for 3 months now and me being a Cancer, I am extremelyemotional and very moody - I think he is too, but he deals (or doesn't deal) bysmoking a lot of weed. and although we're crazy about each other, I don't plan on having sex with him until we're married (trust me, this is verydifficult). they tell me Aaronoooo I've never had someone like you dat cares for me like you do. & there I am like a big teddy gram I love you too baby.& im very veryserious when those words come out my mouth. Ihug, touch, kiss, rub, bite, hold, & lick on all parts of the body. but when themarriage began to sour the inner hurt of Cancer's began to strike. the wall of protection holds up as well asthe shell goes into hiding. We just like being together, it's as simple as it seems.BUT because he is a Cancer, he's looking for a girl that he can truly, trulytrust. Im a Cancer man July 14 thank you & I love these stories. that nurturing crap I read bout on sitesis so true. once a girl wentdown on me & I started sucking on her finger while she sucked my dick. We're also both social, more him than me, but I don't find that just because you're born under a month and day, and they give you a sign of Cancer, that you fall under that type of person.Who knows what will happen eventually there, but I am curious about thechemistry. They try to stereotype us as being emotional, and sensitive, and neither one of use are like that.I am a Cancer woman and the guy I'm with is a Cancer man. We have a lot of things in common, and I find the closest to it is the fact we don't get so emotionally attached, we just have a likeness to one another that makes the other happy.I ask because in my dreams, I always pictured being the first to have his kid. True, it is nice finding that homebody like you, but boy, it is a DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD, and I am lucky we both got out of it alive or not in prison for life.It is not the case now with the person im really looking into as a potential mate. Cancers know the heights of joy and bliss, but they also know very well the depths of resentment and rage... Some Cancers, who were not raised with enough love & security, can be prone to sociopath personality disorder, in a personal opinion.I know that I have never met another person I felt understood me better, and vice versa.I'm also a female born under the sign of Cancer who, through coincidence or kismet, first fell in love with a fellow Cancer-sign boyfriend.

We didn't have an opposite, outgoing mate to balance out our shared moodiness and introspection.I think a reason that adds to him liking me MORE is because he really feelslike he can trust me - he knows that if I'm not sleeping with him because of mymorals, he can trust me to not sleep around after we're you have a Cancer man's trust - he is putty in your hand.. he always wants to please me, and though we have not had intercourse, he hasgone down on me and I've gone down on him and the experience is out of argue, mostly because of my insecurity, but he's SO understanding and WANTSto always understand where I'm coming from as long as I spell it out and makeit very clear to him.. girlsalways have said that im loving & caring & eager to please them. being a Cancer is fun though but you have to watch yourself ppl don'tknow your thoughts Cancer. Sometimes you believe it, and that's what makes you that way, more than you're actually that way.but watch outa lot of girls try to take advantage of a Cancer man. you love because you know its right & you want to beloved so u give it. im a Cancer 24 yr old girl, I met Joshua Cancer 24 yr old guy about 7 years ago, didn't see him again till June 2 ,2010. When I first met him he was very quiet, and did not try to anything with me but juts maybe a what's up on a myspace message once, now he found me on facebook and has been trying to hangout.If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. Our birthdays are side by side (mines July 8th ; her 9th). Even our intrinsic sense of devotion came back to haunt us because we were both a little paranoid about being the only person in the other's life. She is definitely a sensitive and also jealous girl. You might think that a couple who share astrological signs are a perfect match, but my own experience suggests otherwise.

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