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Also, I have no cable connecting to anything with my flash. And, even if he did have to use a cable for whatever reason, maybe he lived next door and had an extension cord. OK, I don't want to get this thread derailed into a discussion of photo techniques, so I'm going to just drop that area of discussion.Some sources say Sunset Beach at or near a Roller Derby.Here's a ruling from the Court of Appeals, for instance: [*8] The storage locker was then searched pursuant to a warrant and the authorities made several interesting discoveries: (1) The keys from Alcala's briefcase opened both of the two locks put on the locker; (2) in one of the boxes of photographs inside the locker, they found slides taken of Lorraine Werts at the beach on the same day Robin Samsoe had disappeared; I've argued before that the people combing through the pictures could make mistakes, especially regarding New York victims whose cases would be less familiar.Alcala was also identified by Richard Sillett, a survey-party chief for the Huntington Beach recreational area.He remembered Alcala because he was carrying a 35 millimeter camera with a telephoto lens, an item of particular interest to Sillett.

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