Blair waldorf dating history

Serena's the one who would be working the film people, whether as a publicist (for Tyra Banks!) or as a muse, whereas Blair would be more interested in finding the most powerful female producer in the room to learn her secrets on how to be a boss.My friend's play was good but unfortunately neither Gaga nor Duff were present. My roommates and I threw a small party where I tried to get everyone into an intoxicated game of truth or dare à la the sleepover shenanigans from season 1 that ended with Jenny, whom the Constance Billard mean girls were hazing, stealing a jacket from Blair's mom's store.Afterward, we went to a dive bar where I decided to "act like Blair" and stand in the corner shopping for tiaras on my phone, waiting for people to talk to me. But it was snowing out, so we ended up playing charades.Later, we got a drink at a bar nearby where guys in suits were getting shit-faced, picking fights with each other, and throwing popcorn on the ground. I was invited to lunch by a girl who works at a rival publication, so I armed myself with freebies (a trick I learned from Jenny when she gave purses to her minions to get them to like her because she doesn't have charisma) and prepared to manipulate her into telling me trade secrets.But then she cancelled, so I killed time by (window) shopping at the fanciest stores in Brookfield Place and brainstorming ways to , as Blair did with academic rival Nelly Yuki, evil psycho Georgina Sparks, and wannabe Vanessa Abrams.Halfway through the movie I needed a green tea, so I ordered a minion to fetch one for me and she said she was busy.I made a list of everyone who slighted me over the course of the day and reported all of their Twitter accounts for harassment because I am bad at thinking up ways to get revenge on people. This story will be updated if any of their accounts are suspended.

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I could seduce him, or tell him I caught her cheating, or dig up dirt on him and blackmail him into dumping her.

Read on to find out what literally living like the character for one week in New York did for me—and how much it cost me, too., Blair also sparred with her enemy/lover Dan Humphrey, the scruffy Brooklynite writer who shared her love of classic, foreign cinema.

So, Tuesday night I went with a guy friend who lives in Brooklyn and looks a bit like Dan to a screening of Mike Mills' at Film Forum like "Dair" used to do, but close?

Maybe cancelling a lunch date isn't a huge deal, but Blair has exacted revenge over way less (see: pettiness against Vanessa for, what, being poor?

)., one of Waldorf's favorites and the inspiration for multiple dream montages in the show.

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