Bios the rapid updating

9) Scroll down untill you find file named CSMCORE & Highlight it by left clicking on it once 10) Click the replace button wait a few seconds 11) Click save image and save and some people say to wait 30 seconds before clicking close or exiting out of the program.

All credit goes to Fernando 1 from my digital life forums for teaching me. If you have any doubts try it on your second Bios chip first.

EXE modified) in the DVD reader, then I power off the PC.4) I set the "Bios configuration Jumper Block (see mainboard picture) to Recovery, the I power up the PC it start without video output and load bios update from the cd; the whole procedure goest to the end succesfully and bios went updated.

Before power on the pc next put the jumper to Normal position.

Run the BIOS update utility from DOS environment if UEFI boot mode with Load Legacy Option disabled (Non-Windows users)1.

Power on the system, then go to BIOS Setup by pressing F2 and go to "General-Boot Sequence - Boot List Option".3. Click "Apply","Exit" to save changes and reboot system.5.

Run the file by typing copied file name where the executable is located. DOS system will auto restart and update BIOS while system startup screen.8.

Also how do i got about updating all the other updates that are available for my MB is there a away to download all off them at once and install them at once or do I have to go one by one?

I want to share my experience updating bios of this mainboard to latest version: 0031.

Just like to mention once i installed the IRST version file name iata_cd, i restarted and it loaded up, also loaded up asking me to restart again, i did so and got BSOD. I did skip ahead also to step 8) go to device manager & expand storage controller double click Intel Sata Raid controller.

I don't see that but only "Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller" Another question i like to know, once i unzip the IRST version (i heard theres a, i would like that version LOL)there were 4 folders inside.

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