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Why spend time and money evaluating software when can create your own solution to the problem with little to no cost, right ? The $databases variable holds an array of all the databases you want to dump.You will need to specify the database name, the path you wish to save the backup and the backup filename.Please note that the image contains sample data and requires from you to change the settings with a working SMTP as well the correct credentials, if required.If you prefer to use the CLI over the web interface or Win Box, you can use the command below: Make sure to send a test email to verify that everything is working properly.I took the liberty of commenting the code in order to make it a bit more clear.

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First of all, we need to setup the SMTP settings of your Mikro Tik device to allow it to send emails when required.

Using Win Box, or the web interface, navigate to and change your settings as shown in the image below.

A few months ago we had to find a way to backup our My SQL databases, both remotely and locally.

Instead of trying to find a software that did something similar I decided to write a few lines of code that solved our problem.

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