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Likewise, there would be messages displayed for inserting a new record and messages displayed in the event of an error.Such messages are typically displayed using a single Label Web control.The following screenshots illustrate this behavior. In the first screenshot, the user has attempted to update the Aniseed Syrup product's price to a value more than twice the original value (.00).

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The good news is that we can disable view state on a control-by-control basis.

The good news is that it is easy to configure the page such that the message is only displayed on the postback immediately following the event of interest and that its formatting properties or appropriately reset.

The remainder of this article examines to such techniques. NET page is requested - be it the first visit to the page or subsequent postbacks - the Whenever the page is visited the above code resets the Label Web control to its initial state.

On the first visit to the page the Label displays nothing, which is the desired behavior.

When the user deletes a product, for example, a postback occurs and the property here you should also reset any other formatting properties that are assigned to the Label Web control from any event handlers.

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