Are beck and cat dating on victorious

(Beck walks off) (The Bird Scene) ~~ Beck: Hey, you wanna come to lunch with us?

(Beck walks out.) (The Bird Scene) ~~ Beck: Come with? (While nodding and smiling) (They all walk off, but Beck waits for Tori and then they both walk off together) (The Bird Scene) ~~ Tori: Okay, if you had to give up the internet or one of your feet? Tori: Really, you would all give up a foot to keep the internet? Tori: I know, but my foot's a part of my body and the internet is, yeah my foot.

(While swinging the bottom of the dress from side to side and smiling) Are you sweating? (While Beck stops leaning on the black box and walks closer to Tori.\) Tori: (as unnamed character): That there's hope?

(Tori pretends to run away) (Beck Falls for Tori) ~~ Tori (as unnamed character): There's something you wanna tell me. Beck (as unnamed character): What can a man tell his wife only minutes before the world ends. (Beck nods in the direction of his locker and takes Tori to his locker and shows it to her) Tori: Clear?

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Official Food: Hamburgers, because of the following video.

Tori (Officer Pedesco): Ah, ah, you broke character, you lost, I am a police officer and I am "victorious!

(While poking Tori (Officer Pedesco) repeatedly) Tori (Officer Pedesco): I am a police officer! (Stops poking her) (Sleepover at Sikowitz's) ~~ Beck (Malcolm): Hey, what time is it? ") (Locked Up) ~~ Beck: So, I heard some of you guys are gong to Yerba.

Beck is also another friend, besides André, who Tori is close to.

It is the second most popular ship on the show, after main rival Bade.

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