App catalog not updating apps

Only the items marked with The following sections discuss practices you should follow and important points to consider as you are planning an update.For a provider-hosted Share Point Add-in, improvements to the add-in do not necessarily require updating the add-in.But nothing in the Share Point infrastructure forces users to update.So changes that you make to remote components must not break the older versions of the add-in.You can upload the revised webpage, and the revised code-behind or Java Script, to the remote web application.The new functionality is immediately available to users when they start the Share Point Add-in.To do this, uninstall the earlier version of the add-in from your development test Share Point site.

When the new version of the add-in is functioning correctly as a "new" add-in, restructure the code and markup so that the project is an update of the old add-in.

You (and users on a production Share Point site) can update an add-in immediately after it is uploaded to the Office Store or the organization's add-in catalog with these steps.

Note If you need to see the "update available" notice on the add-in's tile more frequently than every 24 hours, you can use the method described in Update process for a Share Point Add-in to make the notice appear immediately.

For example, suppose that you add a button to a remote web application that reads a column from a Share Point list that the web application did not previously read.

If the column already exists on the list, you do not have to change anything in Share Point.

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