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My mom lost the way in the school and she started speaking/asking things in Turkish to two students who she assumed were Turks. But I usually can spot Iranians in a crowd of Turks, Maghrebi's and other MENA people. A lot of people who don't know about Iranians can easily mistake them for Turks (like my mom) and although there is this 'Iranian' type, a good part of the Iranians could also fit in other Middle Eastern countries, the Caucasus and Southern Europe/Balkan.But they were Iranians so they couldn't understand her. I agree, terms such as for example Iranid, Sudanid or Arabid are obviously made because of the classifcation of the human race, while some here like yourself are experts in setting the difference between near eastern people, others are inclined in making wrong assumptions about peoples backgrounds from that region. The Persians, do not really overlap with any European country. They are Oghuz Turks from Southern Iran (Shiraz region). Most of them look rather typical for their region with a Turanid minority (similar to other Oghuz Turkic populations). q=tbn: ANd9Gc S2G1MKcbf Z7Sk IVKNtf2CKxwd3ffw W8 y BUp B3GX2Uo Rcs2Fgr BWk Wp HS3Apw Thank you for the information. The Turko-Mongol Qashqais inhabit the Horasan region. The Iranic-speaking Baloch peoples, who occupy the southeastern parts of Iran, are heavily mixed with Hindoos/Hindoostanis. The round-headed races are usually found in the cities and areas with Armenian and Assyrian settlements.The round-headed races are usually found in the cities and areas with Armenian and Assyrian settlements.

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---------- Post added 2011-11-22 at ---------- Isn't there a negroid and arab input in Southern Iran? :) Elam and Khuzestan are the provinces with ancient Negroid racial contribution. If you are talking about every single Iranian citizen regardless of ethnicity, then it's important to go into more detail. They produce a lot of Alpines and Armenoids and these types are rather rare in Persians who are long-headed Iranids. ;) So apologies if the info I gave about the Qashqais was slightly incorrect. Individuals pass in some areas but collectively, rather not. I wrote my comments based on what I've read from in the past.attachmentid=13933&d=1314163638 He doesn't represent anyone imo. Memobekes you are wrong about the Bakhtiaris, they are Persian. Then Bakhtiari men must be handsome ;) Anyway I have chosen Bulgarians, Italians, Sicilians, Greeks , Maltese and Albanians.---------- Post added 2011-11-25 at ---------- For example: Nazanin Afshin-Jam is a Persian woman and she clearly passes or even fits in some European countries!

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