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They soon faced the ire of Castro's secret police and revolutionary "neighbourhood watchmen". He never would have approved of what has become of this revolution.

On one occasion, at a clandestine Havana gig, a squad of Castro's police burst in, lobbing tear gas grenades and chasing everyone out. "Once, two plain-clothes security police jumped me, accused me of being on drugs, forced me to squat and checked my anus for hidden drugs."I interviewed Canek's mother, Hildita, in a Havana hospital in 1995, shortly before she died of cancer. Let's be honest, a young rebel like Fidel Castro in today's Cuba wouldn't be sent into exile.

But Che wouldn't let her keep the many gifts sent to them, giving them away to the poor."On his trips, he would receive gifts from his hosts, some of them very expensive," March writes.

"He would get presents for me as well, and he would give them away if he considered them too ostentatious."She was given a color TV only to see Che pass it on to a factory worker.

They were decimated by Batista's army on arrival in December 1956 but the Castro brothers, Che, who was badly wounded, and a dozen others scattered, eventually parading victoriously into Havana in January 1959.

Comandante Che, by then a member of Fidel's revolutionary cabinet, invited his wife Hilda and daughter Hildita to Havana but, having fallen in love with a fellow guerrilla in the mountains, he divorced Hilda, although he doted on his first daughter and helped raise her.

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Aleida March tenderly describes the man behind the revolutionary icon in her manuscript, "Evocation." Her book details her experiences falling in love, marrying and raising four children with Guevara, who was killed in Bolivia at age 39.His parents took him to Milan and Barcelona, where he went to a Spanish-Catalan school, then on to Mexico before returning to Havana in 1986.As a teenager he revered the memory and tales of his grandfather, who had been executed in Bolivia in 1967.It was Hilda senior who introduced the idealistic Argentinian doctor to the Castros and a ragtag bunch of Cuban exiles plotting in Mexico to overthrow their island's dictator, Fulgencio Batista.Che was said to have married Hilda senior because she was pregnant and he was about to sail with the Castros clandestinely from Mexico to Cuba, 82 of them, poorly armed and packed on to a family-sized motor boat.

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