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NGO-managed shelters continued to rely primarily on international donor funds in order to provide comprehensive services to trafficking victims.The government funds and operates a reception center that houses both victims of trafficking and irregular foreign migrants identified within Albanian territory; however, victims' freedom of movement is often restricted in this high-security center.In 2009, the government provided free professional training to 38 victims, provided 11 with micro-credit loans to start private businesses, and integrated five victims into schools.

In January 2009, the government reported it doubled the number of police investigators to investigate trafficking. Gilly Mc Kenzie and the Serious Crimes Court seized and confiscated 8,115 in traffickers' assets and property in 2009.The government has not vigorously prosecuted labor trafficking offenders.Because of lack of political will and cooperation in some key government agencies, the government has sometimes been less than vigorous in its prosecution of human trafficking.Government officials have increased public attention to trafficking in Albania.There are serious concerns, however, about protection for victims who testified against their traffickers.

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