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Yet Dulles is appointed by president Johnson as a Warren Commission member to "investigate" JFK's murder.

The proof for Bush's lie about his CIA past can be found in a document, declassified in 1988.

While Cleveland Cram's voluminous study of Angleton has not been made public, there is nothing in Cram's public comments to indicate that Cram saw evidence suggesting Angleton was the mole.

Cram's personal papers on the subject were withdrawn from public view by the CIA when I began to research the issue. In addition, I consulted the work of Christopher Andrew, semi-official historian of the British services and custodian of the Mitrokhin archive, the most complete collection of Soviet intelligence files available in the West.

Andrew does not believe that Angleton was the mole.

He writes that Oswald was connected to the FBI and CIA and concludes that the CIA and the FBI are complicit in JFK's death and the coup d'etat that occurred on 11/22/1963. I finally consented, not to grant an interview, but to allow the publication's representative to explain their project to me in person. In 1977, when De Mohrenschildt is located by investigators of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, who want to interview him, he allegedly commits suicide the following day.Angleton was recruited into the Office of Strategic Services and first worked in the super-secret X-2 counterintelligence branch in London. Petty spent more than two years working secretly to investigate his supervisor.In 1954, he became the head of the new Counterintelligence Staff. He gathered intricate details about Angleton's movements and close associates through the years, looking for - and finding, he thought - 'It was not a clear-cut case,' he told David Martin for 'Wilderness of Mirrors,' Martin's 1980 book about the Cold War-era CIA. Petty reported concerns about Angleton to agency superiors in 1974.None came to the conclusion that Angleton was not the mole, and all came to the conclusion that there was no mole during Angleton's tenure.Petty's report has never been declassified so the details of his argument are unknown and impossible to judge.

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