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When you have a moment, submit this idea via the Product Enhancement Request form under Quick links on the right of the community site.(mine is for 4 facilities and 24 workgroups) The numbers don't mean anything right now as it is a proof of concept that hasn't been implemented yet. I edited the title and added the Templates tag to this post.Although we don't have a public customer template gallery, you're welcome to share your original sheet to anyone that requests with Viewer permissions.I'd appreciate any feedback to be able to speed this sheet up. Production PL17" " " [Audit Cycle (date)]1, $concatenation:$[Shine Average], 19, false), LOOKUP("2.I'd prefer to keep it on a single page as I am going to draw a lot of data from this sheet to other sheets, but if it isn't possible I might end up having to use multiple sheets. DF Dieshop" " " [Audit Cycle (date)]1, $concatenation:$[Shine Average], 19, false), LOOKUP("3.

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