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Blessed with a creative mind and a knack for playing with words, he started writing songs when he was just eight!It did not take long for the talented boy to realize that it was his destiny to become a singer and thus he embarked on a musical career while still in his teens.Of course, the way you react to an early "I love you" depends a lot on your own feelings.If you really like the other person and enjoy spending time with him or her, then you should be more forgiving of an early blurt.In this case, the offender probably confused the giddy infatuation of "falling in love" for "being in love" [source: Atwood].If you want to salvage the relationship, the best way to react is to be honest. "But I think we still need to get to know each other better before we can talk about 'love.'" Unfortunately, an early "I love you" can do irreparable damage to the natural balance of a young relationship [source: Rollins].Born to Haitian parents in Florida, Jason developed an early interest in music after being exposed to a variety of musical genres at a young age.He started singing as a little boy and became fascinated with creating his own lyrics.

If not, Hallmark makes some lovely "you're dumped" cards. A civilian dating an army officer is whole new world. (Which is exclusively out of respect for you being the Lady of their friend. When he is away, you start connecting with other army girlfriends, and become support for each other in the absence of your soldiers, discussing everything from happiness of DLTSH to how much you miss him. But its one feeling and one relation which is unique and you will always be proud of! You are absolutely dating an officer, if you relate to these! DLTGH actually means a lot to you too, and you have your own variations like DLTMH, DLTSH etc! You start eating like the NDA style, even when he is not around! Your reaction to the girls who cry that they didn’t see their boyfriend for a day! Every time you read about the attacks and martyrs, you loose a heart beat. Army Men, are just too good when it comes to maintaining Relations). When your friends tell about the dance they had, you automatically move back to the NDA/IMA/OTA balls. Unlike some of the other guys you've dated lately, you can really see a future with Zac, as long as this "living with his parents" thing is just a phase and he stops calling everything "the bomb dot com." After dinner at Arby's -- oops, he forgot his wallet again! If someone is capable of falling in love that easily, they're just as capable of falling out [source: Georgi].-- he pulls out a paper rose and says, "Baby, I know it's crazy, but I think I love you." Crazy? Or worse, the love-struck party might just be faking it in order to win his or her way into the heart (and bedroom) of a new love.

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