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Most of the girls are looking for local guys there, but you can also hunt for some who would be interested in a guy from abroad. ANd so my main point with a charter school is they are out for the money and so just give them what they want for thier red tape( as far as turned in work) so they get paid and teach whatever you want. I have found that if you can find school books written pre civil rights era( 1950s) in thrift stores you will probably want to use them.I collect old books, and I really love to collect old children's books. It has a lot of detail about facial structure and head shape of the different caucasian groups, which I know a lot of people here are interested in, but I am not particularly. All of this keeps her busy after she finishes her basics for the day and I feel it is just as important as the regular school work.I agree, my daughter has played the violin for the last four years. She still wants to take fencing, so hopefully I can get over to the rec center to see if they are still having the class this month.I have noticed a few that I thought were great went to Credits ( I hate them with a passion ) Thanks Why don't you join free dating site?There are Ukrainian and Russian sites that now has interface in English.I have a great set of history books that talks about Virginia Dare "the first White child born in the USA" and many other firsts by White men.It depicts the indians and blacks as savages with big bulgeing white rimmed eyes.

Also it says the blacks were very ignorant and that when they took over the government after the civil war it forced the Whites to form the KKK. The head Spic that runs the charter school kisses my butt since my kids are so advanced that it makes his school look good. Putting your kids in any high school will give them that social edge that they want . I have refused to have the kids read articles on fugitave slaves and recently they did negative reports on the saintly Martin Luther King and has science/social studies from Nature's Eternal Religion. I would much rather her get NO social than the kind of social she was getting at her public high school... I would fight this but I have so much activism to do in other areas right now I will cross that bridge later. As far as extracuricular activities, she wasn't really interested in anything but cheerleading and she got burnt out on it. Homeschooling has been made illegal in California if you dont have credentials.

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