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AA's initial Twelve Traditions were introduced in 1946 to help the fellowship be stable and unified while disengaged from "outside issues" and influences.

With other early members, Bill Wilson and Bob Smith developed AA's Twelve Step program of spiritual and character development.They seek guidance and strength through prayer and meditation from God or a Higher Power of their own understanding; take a moral inventory with care to include resentments; list and become ready to remove character defects; list and make amends to those harmed; continue to take a moral inventory, pray, meditate, and try to help other alcoholics recover.The second half of the book, "Personal Stories" (subject to additions, removal and retitling in subsequent editions), is made of AA members' redemptive autobiographical sketches.Wilson's first success came during a business trip to Akron, Ohio, where he was introduced to Dr.Robert Smith, a surgeon and Oxford Group member who was unable to stay sober.

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