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Some states are slow to establish relations with new states and thus do not recognise them, despite having no dispute and sometimes favorable relations. Some countries fulfill the declarative criteria, are recognised by the large majority of other states and are members of the United Nations, but are included in the list here because one or more other states do not recognise their statehood, due to territorial claims or other conflicts. The Holy See and the State of Palestine have observer state status in the United Nations.Some states maintain informal (officially non-diplomatic) relations with states that do not officially recognise them.The declarative theory defines a state as a person in international law if it meets the following criteria: According to the declarative theory, an entity's statehood is independent of its recognition by other states.

39 states, however, have since retracted or suspended recognition, pending the outcome of a referendum on self-determination.The Republic of China (Taiwan) is one such state, as it maintains unofficial relations with many other states through its Economic and Cultural Offices, which allow regular consular services.This allows the ROC to have economic relations even with states that do not formally recognise it.The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is currently in this position.See list of governments in exile for unrecognised governments without control over the territory claimed.

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