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There are no GPS files, because there is no platform to upload combined route and description. Amsterdam Cycle Route 9: dike villages, grassland landscape, heritage tourism Along relict dike settlements, and interwar garden-city housing, and through the reclaimed marshes to the heritage-tourism island of Marken, returning along the mediaeval sea dike. Finally, there is a much longer all-day cycle route from Amsterdam to Zyfflich – the nearest village in Germany.The description matters: unlike most cycle routes, these have a political, social, and urban perspective. Amsterdam Cycle Route 4: docklands, heritage villages, newest suburb Through gentrified docklands and interwar housing, along the Amsterdam-Rhine canal and heritage villages, returning through Amsterdam’s newest suburb, IJburg. This is an all-day cycle route across the Netherlands, from Amsterdam to Zyfflich, the nearest place in Germany.

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This is the river Vecht, which once flowed into the sea at Muiden. In its original course it, diverged at Utrecht from the Kromme Rijn, itself a distributary of the Nederrijn or Lower Rhine. Distributaries are characteristic of a river delta. Cross the next bridge, and turn left along the canal (Nieuwstad).

Printable cycle routes around Amsterdam – not standard tourist routes, but cross-sections of the urban region.

Listed by length, shortest and easiest routes first. Amsterdam Cycle Route 3 to Haarlem has been removed: the original return route by hydrofoil (along the North Sea Canal) is no longer available.

at the next corner, turn left across the lifting bridge, to continue along the riverside road. continue along Nieuwstraat, and pass the late-mediaeval church of Weesp, built 1462. The water here, and the grassed mounds, are the moat and bastions of fortified Weesp.

turn second right into Slijk straat, at cafe Het Wapen van Weesp. The town first belonged to the Prince-Bishopric of Utrecht, but was later conquered by the Counts of Holland.

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